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    March 19, 2012


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    I love it when people give honest reviews as oppose to just being nice.

    I admit I'd have a hard time giving a friend or acquaintance a bad review, but in that case, I'd just skip the review all together. But this one was easy - I really enjoyed it!

    Sheila Schultz

    I agree with you Susan... Fern's book is excellent. Loved the layout, info and relaxed style. It's so well done. Small-Space Container Gardens now sits next to Garden Up!on my bookshelf.

    Woohoo, Sheila! Not only did you enjoy my review, but you managed to sneak in a compliment for Garden Up! I'm tickled to know my book is shelved next to Fern's in your collection. :-)

    Dawn Engel

    I received Fern's book as a birthday gift a couple of weeks ago. I love it, too! I hope I get the chance to hear Fern (and YOU!) speak at the garden show this week.

    So glad you're enjoying it! I won't be speaking this year, but Fern will. Be sure and bring your book for her to sign! I'm going to corner her for sure.


    Thoughtful review - thanks.

    Thank you, Valerie!

    Metal Garden Furniture

    Book sounds like a must read, great for courtyard or rooftop gardens. I love the relaxed, informal style of the cottage garden or potager - naturally beautiful, rather than perfectly manicured.

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