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    Ninja Granny

    Good points on both sides, but I believe I come down on the side of Shelly Somersett (is she the creator of the beautiful edible garden at the San Francisco Garden Show this Spring?).

    With today's trend for water efficient, low maintenance landscaping it is hard to imagine vegetable gardening as the wave of the future...and regardless of the beautiful designing possible with edible plants.

    I hate to say it but, while everybody loves to be in a beautiful garden, most people are less than thrilled with the maintenance of gardening. The urban vegetable gardens of the first half of the last century were driven by the dire needs of the Great Depression and WWII rationing.

    I don't suggest we do not NEED to change our ways, but the need in those days was felt individually in the inability to afford or even have store access to food at all times.

    In short, this is an admirable idea but I do not think it is one whose time has come.

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