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    Hey Troy!
    I like the annuals idea - any suggestions on how to adjust the irrigation to accomodate?


    Great Question. As a general rule you shouldn't need to adjust your irrigation at all.

    For example: In a perfect situation you would have purchased fresh seed in late summer or early fall and scattered it in a pre prepared location just as the rains start. The rains and cool weather would initiate germination and continue into the spring promoting solid growth of new plants. Being water watchers we would have turned our irrigation system of during all of this rain and not turned it on until the soil started to dry in spring or later.

    In years such as the last one where rains were not sufficient enough to keep the soil moist enough for germination, a little assistance from the irrigation system would be helpful.

    Additional irrigation once the rains have ceased may prolong the blooms of some species but it is best to replicate their natural cycle, ensuring repeat visits in following years.

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