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    Your Mom certainly has a beautiful garden.

    Town Mouse

    I love the pond! That would be a fitting replacement for my oak wood barrel. I'd so enjoy a frog...
    Happy mother's day to your mom!

    Ninja Granny

    I feel very honored to have my garden shown on your blog. But...

    Speaking as one who grew up in Pennsylvania where everybody walks five miles through the snow to get to school ( uphill in both directions due to the rotation of the earth) I was very disappointed with your pathetic whimpering about cutting the grass.

    Cutting the grass was your job because, in the absence of any male siblings, you volunteered to be the "honorary son". Your dad jumped on that offer and thereafter invited you to every fishing trip, taught you everything he knows about poker, and let you drive his TR4.

    Other than cutting the grass I think "honorary son" required that you wear one of those goofy baseball caps once in a while, but I am not sure about that.


    Hello Susan

    Your Mum has created a really beautiful garden.

    Ninja granny's comment is a gem!!!


    Pam Kersting

    Now I see where you got your love of gardening from! Must be in the genes! Happy Mother's Day!


    Susan, I see that your mom had a great influence on your gardening ways. Mine sure did, and for that I'm so thankful.

    Now that many people are taking out or reducing the size of their lawns, does that mean there'll be a whole new generation that might be even more into gardening? A generation that didn't have to mow and wear goofy baseball caps while doing it? One can only hope...

    Susan (garden chick)

    Thanks, Keewee!

    Townie, I think my mom lives quite close to you. Maybe her frog will hop over for a visit to your rainbarrel one of these days.

    New rule, Ninja Granny. In future, I will be the only one who can share personal stories, so that I can continue to edit selectively ;-)

    Rob and Pam, She does have a lovely garden, and it's exactly the type to appeal to other gardners. She's always finding new and interesting plants to tuck in here and there.

    James, I'm definitely seeing a change in my own design business, with more of my clients interested in taking care of their gardens themselves and wanting to incorporate more sustainable practices. Having said that, in our time-starved culture, I think gardening is still viewed as a bit of a luxury, and when I design for two career-couples, particularly those with young children, they just don't want to commit the time to garden.


    That is ONE BEAUTIFUL garden. All in only eight years! Your mother is an excellent designer. Your pictures great and what a lovely Mother's Day Post!

    Ninja Granny

    That is a very smug smile on your punctuation at the end of the "new rule" announcement for personal stories.

    Fashionista Kathy

    I love your photos of Mom's garden! It is a great place to hang out and watch birds, fish, frogs and the very shy turtle.


    Hats (or baseball caps) off to your mother for her wonderful garden! I would have been impressed just with the pond, but these off-hand references to shade gardens and vegetable gardens too? Eight years? Someone's been busy.

    You'd better get back over there and give them a hand with the mowing.


    First, I have to say thanks for making me a fave on Blotanical. So I had to see who you are!

    You have a great blog: intelligent, sassy writing; evocative photos and useful topics. I got my garden bug from Elizabethan textiles (first blog post under My Garden Odyssey on my site). And we've been getting rid of grass on our 1/2 acre garden for years. But we will keep some in very specific locations because of the textural contrast. I find my eye wants that bit of flat green to rest on when the remainder of the garden is textured and dense. So glad to have discovered you!

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