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    I think a call to Rhododendron Rescue is in order, to re-home the lady. We've had very good luck moving mature Rhododendrons. The roots remain shallow. If I lived closer to you I'd be offering her a place in the shade of our redbud.

    I'm sure many would welcome her to their garden--if only for the guaranteed laugh on her name. Poor gal. Maybe she's feeling blue.


    Hi Susan

    For eight years it's let you down and then one damp squib of a bloom and suddenly all is forgiven?

    C'mon Susan, give it an inch and it'll take a mile. You KNOW what you have to do.



    Do it Garden Chick. Just do it and don't look back. It's trying to psyche you out. Don't fall for it. Don't be weak. Envision your future without it. Compost the sucker.

    Susan (garden chick)

    Not helpful, DP. My mom already requested I dig Lewinsky up for transport to her garden but I told her it wouldn't survive the shock. Now I may be stuck. For future reference, I prefer no one offer horticultural advice other than myself. Accuracy and truthfulness are not always the goal around here.

    Rob, your comment is definitely pushing me towards eviction. Although I'm not certain what a damp squib is, I'm confident it's not the kind of thing I want in my garden.

    Jim, normally I would be inclined to ask if you follow your advice in your own garden, however, since I read over at Art of Gardening that you are planning on being ruthless with some underperforming fruit trees, you're allowed to talk tough to me.


    You probably wouldn't expect this coming from me: lose the rhodie. But I'm saying that still high on lavender fumes after taking out a lavender that I've had for fifteen years.

    I think it's a little unfair that people give human names to plants. I'd never do anything to harm Ms. Lewinsky, the person, but this plant that someone just happened to give a human name that's something else.

    Town Mouse

    Ah, well, if that had happened to me, a plant that never bloomed, I would have been distraught. I would have blamed it on me and struggled with fertilizers, change in water regimen, and encouraging words. But you are the Expert, so it's clear this underperforming plant needs to be gone. Off with her head, I say!


    I'm with Jim. Miss Lewinsky there hasn't been holding up her end of the bargain for how many years. Compost her and move on! Maybe prop up part of her corpse in the garden as a reminder to the other plants about what happens when one can't be bothered to put on a little show in return for her care.


    I vote for stingy Lewinsky's demise. Perhaps I should send a couple of my favorite garden unhelpers to lend a hand. Deer and gophers would make short work of Miss L.

    Susan (garden chick)

    Wow, you guys are tough! Take no prisoners, indeed! I'm thoroughly ashamed of my brief backslide and am officially signing off on Ms L's death warrant. Might not put her directly into the compost pile, however, as I am intrigued by Genevieve's corpse propping suggestion. If I'm going to practice tough love, I may as well go all the way.

    And Michelle, should any pacakges arrive in the mail from you, I am definitely not signing for them.


    Jeepers, you too? Its amazing how often a plant that I have just threatened to take out starts flowering - I could swear they're listening?

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