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    Laura Livengood Schaub (InterLeafer)

    Ha, Susan, wonderful post (you are so clever) and a great idea to shine the spotlight on wonderful commenters! I recently heard someone say that 'commenting is the currency of the blogosphere' and I agree, so I try to use my words to show my appreciation as much as possible.

    And I'm SO glad to know who's going to be doing the Mani-Pedis at our next tweetup!

    Oh no, I KNEW I'd regret sharing that bit of info! OK, but you'll have to trust my nail color choices, and I think we've established I'm not shy in that regard!

    Susan aka Miss R

    What a funny take on the meme--youyou. Thanks for the wonderful complement btw--back at you! P.S. it's AN not EN which at #8 has been a lifelong struggle to get it

    I knew with all these links I was going to mess up at least one. Thanks for letting me know; I am a notoriously poor proofreader and count on Daffodil Planter and others to send me emails pointing out my many typos. Glad you enjoyed the post; I have also been enjoying reading others' responses to this question.


    Oh my, you've placed me in the company of some real Quality Bloggers and commenters - I'm just a hack! Normally I would grab that get out of jail card and run... in fact I might be tempted to find where you live... and drop a basket of zucchini on your doorstep... bwaa haaa haaa. But this might be fun, on the other hand, where's that card? Don't hold your breath.

    But hey, it is nice to get comments and I appreciate every one I get no matter how long or short. So I thank you for your appreciation.

    No, no, no, anything but zucchini!

    It took me a while to decide to participate, so I understand your ambivelence. But after reading so many other interesting posts from other bloggers on the topic, I decided to go for it. And although probably isn't true for you, it's a relief to do a post that doesn't have me scrambling for photos.


    You know, I probably would have made it here even if you hadn't lured me with the promise of flattery! I look through my ever-growing list of blogs to make sure I read your posts (thank heaven you don't post every day, though).
    Your job list is much more interesting than mine. I worked in a soil testing lab in high school, not doing tests, just emptying bags of soil onto trays to dry and chopping up corn stalks (and praying every that that I wouldn't chop off a finger, I'm such a clutz). BORING! I did some computer stuff, too, still boring. But really bad if you mix things up and a farmer kills his crop with the wrong fertilizer.
    RE the chocolate palette education, I think I'm hopeless. I don't like the cheapest stuff on the market, but I'd rather have Dove than some high end chocolate with wasabi mixed in - ugh! Hubby and I happened upon an award-winning chocolate shop while in Seattle in June (Rose's Chocolate Treasures) and soundly disappointed Rose herself with our boring choice of chocolates. No hickory bacon truffles for me, thanks, I'll take the chocolate caramel instead.
    Definitely meandering here, but I enjoyed your post. Don't know if I'll get around to the meme - I'm almost ready to post a front yard design with PLANTS included instead of just borders.

    Well that's one thing we have in common. I also get overwhelmed by the number of blogs I follow and find easier to keep up with blogs like yours that post less frequently. Looking forward to your planting design post - you know that's my favorite kind!

    Alice Joyce

    Congrats, Susan, & well done!!!

    I've never had a professional manicure.... I'd need to know and trust the person, first. Hmmm, anything we might trade, were you ever willing to revert to manicurist for a day? Alice

    Now why is it that everyone is interested in complimentary manis and pedis, but no one wants me to smoke for them or have me ask how many people live at their address? I guess pampering trumps naughty habits and census taking!

    Helen Yoest @ Gardening With Confidence

    It sounds luxury like. Except at the candy counter...but in a way I guess it felt like making it in the movies. So I wonder, all those you counted at an illegal age, makes them illegal!

    Very nice way to get to know you, Susan! H.

    You are making me realize I better stop confessing things in my blog; I could get into all kinds of trouble. Uh oh, is that the sound of the feds knocking down my door that I hear???


    Hi Susan,

    Flattery will get you everywhere.

    'Cheeky bastard' eh, I maintain we should continue a first name terms policy.

    My history was in publishing or some other bollox like that. If I get a minute I do the meme thing but there are certain aspects of my previous that are so boring that recounting them leaves me losing the will to live!

    The Spy Who Shagged Me calls folks cheeky bastard, and since he's the most authentic Brit I know, it seemed reasonable to quote him. But I'll stick to Rob if that's what you prefer ; -)

    I almost skipped this meme, too, but it turned out to be easier than I thought. Plus, not everyone feels compelled to give long explanations or organize their 7 things around a theme - they just give an interesting list of facts like Pomona Belvedere from Tulips in the Woods did for hers.


    Now those are wild and diverse jobs indeed! So glad you found your niche and you make a great garden designer.

    My niche for now! Who knows what the future holds?


    Smoke for me, Susan!
    (just kidding, but I'm sure you looked fantastic doing it!)
    Okay, I REALLY want a mani/pedi, but everyone has already asked for that! Tell you what ... when we have a big All-California Tweet-Up, we should make it a slumber party and I'll give YOU an mani/pedi (I come from a long line of salon owners/hairstylists/manicurists)!
    You have had such an interesting road - a 17 year old census taker? Wow - that is hot!
    I think the MeMe awards have been really fun! I'm glad you did it -and your instinct to focus on the great commenters was genius - now I have more cool blogs to discover!
    Fab, as ALWAYS!

    A slumber party with manis and pedis sounds right up my alley. And naturally, if asked, I will show off my stylish smoking style, although I may have to use a pencil for a prop!

    Pomona Belvedere

    Susan, I do think it's fun to find out the secret facts of other bloggers, and I like the theme you organized yours around! (Surely manicuring helped train your hands for detail and your eyes for color, but glad you are working with something less toxic these days.)

    Lucky your smoking campaign didn't get you addicted. Did you get dizzy smoking on command like that?

    Tagging your best commenters is a brilliant stroke - sometimes I think commenting well is harder than posting well. And speaking of which...

    Michelle, I'm with you about the weird gourmet chocolate combos; sometimes they work but mostly they just strike me as a waste of good chocolate.

    I didn't get dizzy, but I didn't realize what smoking does to your taste buds. So after the first few cigarettes, I reached for a diet coke and thought my tongue would burn off. The only thing that I found soothing was coffee, which explained to me why smokers tend to be serious coffee drinkers.

    I am completely boring when it comes to chocolate - in fact I don't even like plain old butter creams because they are too rich for me. Fortunately in the food business, you don't have to actually swallow when you taste food for quality, flavor, etc., a fact that saved me from gaining 20 pounds when I was the product manager for a line of fried bar foods.

    FYI, I loved the seven things you revealed!


    Typical Susan sass, always fun--what a loss to the marketing world and a boost to the weary gardeners.

    I appreciate the meme compliment and will attempt to amuse.

    Oooh, I like the sound of "Susan sass", like my own personal brand of 'tude! Do you think it will catch on? "If you don't knock off the Susan sass, I'm pulling the car over this instant!"


    pre-cash registers--- how old is that photo of you? and as for what you said about me.... I am curious, are you glad I stayed to comment on your blog, or that I stepped away from the plant. Maybe both????

    Thank you so much for your kind words, you truly help to bring out the delight I have to share with the world.

    Oh dear, I really did date myself! Cash registers had been invented, but they weren't the kind like now that do all the thinking for you.

    And to answer your question, I'm glad you've continued to visit my blog - I know from reading your own blog that in no way, shape or form have you discontinued your on-going plant experiments. After all, you are the only gardener I know who has attempted to grow his own rice!

    the inadvertent farmer

    OH my...don't know if there is 7 things you all don't know, I'll have to think on this! Kim

    If you do decide to participate, you've got to make it a photo essay. Your photography is amazing!

    Town Mouse

    What an interesting life, and you're still so young! I can't wait what's next...That purple wall points to performance artist? Or maybe you'll do set design in Hollywood?

    Thanks for the meme invitation, my garden really appreciated have something to say for a change....

    Well a) I'm not as young as you seem to think and b) set designer, eh? Sounds interesting...

    FYI, I LOVED hearing how your garden describes herself (I'm taking the liberty of assigning a gender). What a fun post!

    lostlandscape (James)

    Thanks for the kind words, Susan--Now I feel like I have to say something intelligent and spellchecked. But I'm brain is still recovering from the flu so I'll pretty much stop at a big thanks for HM!

    The jobs are an interesting list, and to me they seem to seem to share some things in common. Some job lists you look at and wonder...Were they done by the same person? Like, did you have as stint driving diesel rigs or shucking oysters on a dock that you haven't mentioned? I'd guess not. They don't sound like Susan jobs. Cigarette model or chocolate pimp...those I could see...

    Other than food, which is a happily recurring theme in my life, these jobs don't seem to have much in common at all to me. I should add that the first five jobs were all held during high school and college. So while other more adventurous types were backpacking around Europe, I guess I was busy getting my weird job freak on.

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