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    Who needs a gym when you can lug garden effects around.

    I know I said this before, but I really like your pots and urn in the middle pic.

    I never get tired of compliments! Feel free to comment on my garden as often as you please.


    Cool pink wall. A bit adventurous for me, but when I do get a water feature I may steal your small round mirror bubbles!

    Mirrors in the garden aren't a new thing, but I am getting a kick out of the porthole effect - I've had a few people not sure if they are mirrors are peekholes in the wall.


    I assume Nick also lugged the new urns into position? In addition to building the purple wall? Darn right that you refer to him by name--that's no DH, more like Saint Nick.

    Now don't go putting ideas into his head! I've worked hard to convince him all the build, lugging and painting he's been doing is nothing out of the ordinary, but if he reads your comment, the jig is up.


    Gotta love that hubby grunt work!
    Still thinking about your lawn replacement post - last week we dug out a 5 ft by 26 ft new bed along the western side of our property. I'm throwing out my carefully crafted and posted design for the west bed and remaking the area as a path (now grass, one day pavers) with mirror-image gardens on both sides. It's going to be great. But my neighbor is really huffy about us digging up the lawn. Maybe you should post a warning to lawn replacers to sweeten up the neighbors first or expect some grumpiness ;-) Here's hoping things blow over here and the neighborhood harmony returns.

    If you're lucky, you'll end up like me. Last year neighbors on one side decided to elimate their lawn after seeing mine. And now my neighbors on the other side have pulled out their lawn in anticipation of me helping them create a new low water garden. I bet instead of staying grumpy, once your neighbor sees how beautiful your new garden is, he asks for advice on his own.


    I love when someone can do something completely different with something that we can't use anymore. This actually gives me a great idea for what do do with a cracked waterfall fountain that's sitting in the dumping ground part of my yard.
    My husband is always a little nervous when I tell him I need help with something outside, and I will need him to move the cracked fountain to a new part of the yard.

    The trick is not to reveal exactly what you need help for until he's already committed. In Nick's case, I said we needed to stop by Mary Lu and Bob's to drop something off, but didn't explain what until he agreed.

    Of course, you can only get away with that sneaky strategy once.


    Hey you! Really enjoyed getting to know you at the GWA.

    My hubby runs when I start talking heavy projects. I like both settings and it shows your talents marvelously.

    Anna, I loved meeting you, too!

    (FYI, I find I'm most successful at talking Nick into a new project if it involves the purchase of new tools.)

    Shawna Coronado

    Love this! Absolutely fantastic - you're a thinker and it is downright beautiful!


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