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    Well she looks happy to see some snow. At least you had enough for a pretty little snowman.

    Hi Lona! In our generally snowless neck of the woods, we have to make a little go a long way.


    It's the perfect miniature snowman!

    Crazy how little snow it takes to get us mild weather folks excited!


    Anya looks cold! We tend to not have the proper wardrobe for *real weather* here. Or at least some of us refuse to wear it on principle - it should be warm, right? Either that, or the snow would melt before we could dig the warm clothes out of the depths of the closet...

    If it were me I'd be in an overcoat, boots and muffler, but kids never admit to being cold! Hope your vegetable garden isn't suffering too much.


    Hiya Susan

    Your weather has been on the news over here!!!

    We've got a cold snap forecast for here but nothing like the severity as in the states.

    Truth is, when we get a snowfall here, I simply have to go for a walk in it. My mental age reverts to that of a kid.

    Snow is basically non-existent in this part of Northern California, which is why enough falling to make a miniature snowfall is a major event here. I'm with you on the mental age reversion. ;-)

    Pomona Belvedere

    Wow, snow in the Bay Area, it doesn't get stranger than that! Our snow is being rained away today, and pretty as it was, I'm glad of it.

    You know, if you'd done a macro of the snowman, no one would have known what size it was - but of course then you'd have to have left your daughter out of the picture.

    Hi Pomona - She's actually the daughter of a friend who showed me the photo at a Christmas party Wednesday night. It made me laugh to see that Anya had celebrated our miniature snow fall with a miniature snowman, so decided to post it. Plus my last few posts have been lengthy; I'm afraid if I make folks work to hard every time they visit, they might stop coming!


    Brrrrr - I heard about that! Darn climate change is messing with us all. What a cute snowman. Makes it feel like the holidays, doesn't it?

    The coldismaking things a bit more Christmasy, but personally, I'd prefer to get my Christmas fix from a glass of eggnog and a plate of cookies!


    That is hilarious, Susan. I have a similar snowman pic from last year's "snowstorm" here in Arcata. I think we got like an inch, which just like you guys was good enough for a mini snowman!!

    Town Mouse

    Somehow, we missed out on that one. No snow at all and not a very serious frost down here. I'd hoped my Salvia cacaliifolia would freeze so trimming would be easier, but it's come through just fine.

    Helen Yoest @ Gardening With Confidence

    That is sooo cute! H.


    Love it!


    Ooh, snow is such a big deal in the bay area! A bad big deal for gardeners - I hope your garden hasn't taken a hit. We've had about 6 inches total this winter, much better than the 6 feet we had last winter. Even with just an inch on the ground, my son managed to roll and roll and roll to create a full-sized snowman a few weeks ago. That's determination for you!

    Helen Yoest @ Gardening With Confidence

    Merry Christmas Susan! I have enjoyed your post this past year and look forwarding to reading more in 2010. H.

    P.S. Thank you for voting for my garden in the Ecosystems Garden of the Year!

    Jim Lewis, Landscape Designer Portland Oregon

    We've all been having some odd weather this year. CA has had some unusual snow and lately crazy amounts of rain. Up here in Oregon we've had a lot dryer winter than usual and a lot less rain - which has been great for work, by the way. Then the rest of the country has been having crazy cold snaps. It's an odd year. But the tiny snowman is very cute! We had about 1" of snow for a day and our kids made snowmen only slightly larger than that. ;-)

    Landscape Design Portland Oregon

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