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    As a professional gardener, I'd have to say YES! We are, and I include myself in that.

    I started growing my own veggies two years ago and was shocked to discover that I had a repulsed feeling towards eating my own veggies. What if there were bugs in there? I found a caterpillar once. What if I'd eaten him? EWWWW!!

    I have to remind myself that the caterpillar would be a hell of a lot more nutritious than all the pesticides coating the stuff at safeway. Sheesh.

    I know I'm not alone, either. My best pal, very different from me in so many ways, wouldn't eat her own artichokes because of what might be lurking in there. I took the bullet for the team on that one. They were very tasty!!

    It is so hard to overcome an aversion to creepy crawlies! I often thought if I had brothers it would come naturally, but I grew up in a pretty girly household.

    It's a shame that while on one hand things are changing for the better as organic vegetables and sustainable practices become more mainstream, on the other we're living lives that have become so cut off from the natural world.


    You might have a point. It's too bad. America's past is filled with great outdoorsman and outdoorswomen..John Muir would be disappointed after all his efforts to set up the national park system.

    I couldn't have said it better myself.

    the Inadvertent Farmer

    Great post...I'm just so thankful to my parents who let me explore and garden and get dirty! Kim

    Feels good to THANK our parents for something, doesn't it? Have not been feeling very grateful lately as I put aloe on the sunburn I got yesterday thanks to the fair complexion I inherited from my mother, LOL! Thanks for the reminder.

    And thanks for letting me participate in your project.


    getting Lyme disease last summer has made me a bit leery of being outdoors, but has not stopped me.

    Ugh! That really laid you low for a long time. I'm not surprised you're leery.


    What a great idea this is. My kids are not afraid to get dirty, I have dirt stained rugs to prove it. I think so many kids are so over scheduled with other things they don't have time left to just be outside. I have to beg my 11 year old daughter to come in or come down from a tree to do her homework. When some of her friends come over to play they want to stay inside, which to me seems kind of weird. We grew up playing outside all day until the Mom's called us to all come in.

    That's how I grew up too. What you are saying drives home that if kids spend time outdoors from a young age, they love it and see it as an integral part of life. But if time outside is rare and supervised, it just becomes scarier and less appealing over time.

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