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    long live purple!


    I love purple! You go girl!


    I love the purple trellis! In my former garden I painted my shed a grapey purple and loved it.

    I'd love to see a picture of that!


    Wait a minute--I've seen that beautiful trellis in the movies! Yeah, it was in a video about a new book on vertical gardening.

    What can I say? I try to milk every photo for all it's worth.


    I am SO painting all my crappy old trellises purple. Thank you so much. I can now tell Trevor - famous author and designer Susan Morrison told me to do it - and he shall have to agree that purple is the finest color EVER for our garden accoutrements to be.

    Heck, he painted his garden rake shimmery gold and calls it has pimp rake. I've gotta have a bit of leeway here.

    NOW I know what's missing from my garden - shimmery gold paint! Thanks for the excellent design tip.


    It's beautiful, especially with that contrasting flower color. Yum.

    Thanks Jean! I wish the flowers were a bit more prolific, but it's a bit too shady for their liking.

    Rebecca Sweet

    I recognize that vine from one I bought 3 years ago at the SFGS - can't remember the name of it for the life of me, and it never even bloomed. Yours looks GORGEOUS on that purple trellis!

    Mine doesn't get a lot of blooms, but the ones it does get a really dramatic.


    I recognized your purple wall with circular mirrors in the picture in Fine Gardening - the article was great, good job! I have so many purple (well, blue-violet) flowers in my yard that I probably don't need to add paint, too. Especially in the front - our HOA frowns on any pink or purple or other 'wild' paint in the neighborhood.
    I don't think my neighborhood would be too keen to see it in the front yard either. Although I might just test that theory at some point...


    you would think a garden designer would know the difference between violet and purple... why this is my mission in life I don't know, but it appears God has sent me to prophesy about the difference.

    I guess what I dig about purple is about how it is created by our minds. Take the two extreme ends of our visible spectrum (red and violet) and blend them. With such a cool origin, it is no wonder I have been sent to spread the word.

    Yes, but a blog post titled "The Color Violet?" Doesn't have the same ring.

    hampton bay

    I love the purple color, gives a nice touch to the garden

    lostlandscape (James)

    The last time I painted anything purple (actually an ambiguous blue-violet) the neighbor across the street complained. I will NOT be complaining about your use of the color, however. It looks great.

    Beginning to realize I have a pretty easy going neighborhood. Which translated means, I'm one of the few homeowners to actually care about my front OR back garden.

    the Inadvertent Farmer

    Purple rocks...because of you I'm painting my whole chicken house purple. Shhhh don't tell hubby!!! Kim

    the Inadvertent Farmer

    BTW...if he hates it I'm sending him your way!

    I can convert him. At this point, Nick is resigned that purple paint is a line item in our household budget.


    Love the purple. I have done the same thing with teal. I think bright, unexpected color in the garden is a wonderful thing.

    I thought I had run out of things to paint, but just last night told my husband "don't you think the screen that hides the A/C unit would look better painted burnt orange?" He just rolled his eyes.

    Alice Joyce

    I would love to understand more about one's visceral response(s) to color.
    Dare I admit, I loathe the color purple, except in floral blooms.
    Maybe that's a bit too strong, but I could never wear the color in any shade, and much as I am now drawn strongly to strong colors, purple is not one of them.

    Uh oh Alice, if you ever manage to visit my little corner of East Bay to see my garden, you're in trouble. Purple (along with a bit of hot pink and burnt orange) are everywhere.

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