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    Jenny Peterson

    I can't wait to read/see/experience this book! I am so excited for and proud of you and Rebecca. Way to go!!

    Thank you Jenny! I was a little surprised when I saw how many people I was thanking - and that's not everybody; just the on-line crowd. But we are providing SOME of the content ourselves. :-)


    Excited to read it!!!

    Let us know when it is up for pre-order :)

    Writing a book IS hard. I don't think people really understand just how hard it is. I haven't written any books for myself, but I've written about 20 for other people, and they take FOR. EVER.

    KUDOS to you both! I'm sure it will be FABULOUS!

    Thanks Katie. Can hardly wait for GWA this year, so instead of saying "I'm a garden designer and a blogger" when someone asks what I do, I can say "I'm the co-author of Garden Up. You mean you haven't HEARD of it???"


    That's interesting Susan. I never thought of the fact that you have to market your book before it's even written! Congrats on only have 3 weeks to go. I look forward to reading it.

    Nothing that we've needed to do as been overly time consuming; it's more the surprise that we need to be thinking about some of this so far in advance.

    Rebecca Sweet

    I have a feeling I won't be arguing with only you about my love of ALL CAPS and exclamation points…..

    Who knows? Our editor might turn out to LOVE the idea!!!!

    Laura Schaub

    LMAO at the punctuation marks (but what would a strict editor type DO if they couldn't find something to edit?)

    Susan, thank you for such a great glimpse of what writing a book has become in the age of new media. You start creating your market as you're writing it, not after it has been published and reviewed, fascinating. It's not just like stringing blog posts together? Dang! ;-) Kudos to you both, and thanks for sharing your experience with us, and letting us all contribute! That makes us aunties and uncles, right?

    More like super cool cousins!

    shirley bovshow

    Looking forward to your book and helping to get the word out on your behalf!

    Thank you Shirley! Looking forward to catching up in person at GWA.

    Debra Lee Baldwin

    Hi, Blue-eyed Sue -- Producing a book is a lot like being pregnant, except the gestation takes a lot longer and requires more thought. But soon you and Rebecca will be co-moms of a book that will enhance people's lifestyles. You'll feel proud and protective, and will do what it takes to launch the book and nurture its success---a challenging endeavor, ideed. And I, for one, want to preorder it!

    Debra, your advice has been so welcome throughout all of this! (Although I do get a little tired of Rebecca starting sentences with "Debra says", like that's the clincher to winning every disagreement).


    OMG you are SO RIGHT!!! NOTHING at ALL like stringing blog posts together!!!
    I am so happy that you two had each other during this process! The fact that you have complimentary skills is such a tremendously wonderful thing... with the brain dumper and the organizer/editor working together, there is NOTHING you can't do!!!

    So excited for the two of you, I know it is going to be a smash!

    XOXOXOIvette!!! (Who also believes that exclamation points are the spice of words...)

    OK you exclamation point worshippers - you DO know that extra punctuation DOES NOT count towards your word count assignment, right?

    Helen at Toronto Gardens

    Susan (and Rebecca), So close to the finish line! Congratulations. It was a pleasure to help out, even in a tiny way.

    Thank you Helen!


    I had no idea you were only three weeks away, and of course you won't be done then, but that'll be a significant accomplishment in itself. Congrats, and I can't wait to read it.

    Sorry Pam, you won't get away with just reading it. You're top of our list to review it!

    Mark Turner

    Write an entire book in four months! That's amazing speed. I've got two books behind me; one took 2.5 years (and should have been more), the other actually was about 4 months but used mostly stock images from my library. Congrats on being so close to turning in the manuscript. Go celebrate that milestone when it happens!

    Thank you Mark. It makes a difference that there's two of us. Plus, as we're both garden designers, the topic covers things we deal with every day. And if you noticed the long list of people I thanked, you'd see that many of the photos were not necessarily taken by us. Having said that, I don't think I could do a second book this quickly. It meant putting just about everything else on hold.

    lostlandscape (James)

    Or is writing a book more like one extremely long and detailed blog post? Keeping things focused and fascinating for so many thousands of words must be a challenge, but it sounds like you're having a great time. That fun is bound to show in the final book. I'm looking forward to a really cool book when Cool Springs Press pushes the PUBLISH button!


    I am excited to be a part of the experience! Thanks for asking me.


    wow, for a moment I thought I had to keep my fingers crossed for three weeks. enjoy the adventure.

    Lynn Riggio

    I guess I have just discovered that some things might run in the family!!! Good luck with the book ladies.

    Christina Salwitz

    I feel like such a dope, I just NOW saw this!
    Thanks for the mention. Can't wait for the book, you and Rebecca are Horticultural Rock Stars in my eyes. I can say I knew you when... :-)


    Looking forward not only to the book, but to many more Animoto videos about it! Good luck in your last lap around the draft track!

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