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    Rebecca Sweet

    Hey - where'd that cool succulent sombrero come from? I don't remember seeing that - so glad you found it! Beautiful photos, seems your new camera (of course, combined with your amazing talent as a skilled photographer!) is working just fine!


    That sombrero is too cool. I love it! How I wish I could grow all these guys here in the north. I do have a few that are hardy. Lovely photos!

    Michelle D

    Thanks for the virtual tour.
    Had to cancel a trip down to Robin's this week due to scheduling conflict.
    Looking forward to loading up the truck with succulent goodies.
    Thanks for whetting our appetite .


    Fabulous, I love succulents. Succulent Gardens used to have a store in Carmel, I miss them, but my wallet doesn't. Thanks for the lovely photos, it makes me want to wander 'round Castroville way....

    Debra Lee Baldwin

    Oh, that sombrero is marvelous!


    Love it! Succulent Gardens = Heaven on Earth


    I absolutely love that sombrero!


    Wow, Susan your pictures are getting really good. Succulents took a while for me to get used to - they looked so strange to my eyes the first time I visited California as a teenager - but now I can appreciate them. I really wish some blue-green-grey escheveria would grow in my garden and survive the winters!

    the Inadvertent Farmer

    I love succulents...they are almost memorizing in their design. What a fun place to visit...great post!

    BTW, I'm featuring 'Garden Up' tomorrow on the kinderGARDENS post! Kim

    Awesome! I'll check it out for sure!

    susan morrison

    Clearly, that sombrero speaks to people!

    To those of you complimenting my photography skills, sadly they are as sucky as ever. But the colors in Robin's nursery are so incredible, you just kind of wave your camera around and you wind up with a great shot.


    lostlandscape (James)

    Ah, we're back to the color purple again with that prickly pear! That's a gorgeous plant. I have to admit however that I'm reticent to plant cactus because of their spines. On my last trip to a succulent nursery the owner had a great big gorgeous pot of purple Santa Rita opuntia and I was really tempted, and then he started to talk about how he was still pulling glochids out of his skin after he'd repotted the plant two weeks earlier. What a way to kill a sale.

    I backed into a cactus in a pot once at a crowded outdoor patio once so I know what you mean (and I couldn't even complain because it was at my boss' house. These particular ones were pretty well isolated from casual traffic, but either way, it's impossible to go to Succulent Gardens and come away without buying at least ONE thing.

    Angie L

    Great inspiring photos!

    Thank you Angie!


    excellent ... always my favorite section of the Philly flower show

    The booths that sell succulents at the San Francisco Garden Show are also insanely popular.


    The colors in those succulents is just fantastic! Those pots look great and have given me some great inspiration. Thank you!

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