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    The world looks okay this morning, thanks to these adorable gardeners!

    Don't these photos just put a smile on your face?


    Thanks for judging the contest! We had so much fun and are so thankful for the network of gardening friends we've met in blog land.

    It was my pleasure! I was thoroughly impressed by the gardens the participants created.

    Mike Lieberman

    Love this post. Gotta start em early. Better in the garden than in front of the TV.



    I am just as proud as I can be to see my grandbaby as cutest trench digger!!
    Thanks for taking time to "garden" with us. I know it was a big sacrifice of time and we appreciate it.

    Make a note - it's never too early to start racking up awards for college applications, right? It was a pleasure virtual gardening with you all.

    Rebecca Sweet

    ohmygosh - I could NEVER be a judge in this contest! I'm so glad you created your own awards - these little darlings deserved it!!

    The old expression "it's not about winning, it's how you play the game" describes this particular contest perfectly.

    Kids garden

    Feel great that small kids work for their new garden. Over all very creative contest for kids. Proud to see "Cutest Trench Digger". Wonderful pictures and i had good time with you all.


    Thanks for the Cutest Zucchini Grower Award!
    This was such a fun thing to be involved in, will definitely be back next year with an even bigger and more exiting zucchini!

    More exciting maybe, but BIGGER? Because that was one giant squash!

    Unearthing This Life

    Oh the chickens are so flattered! Thanks for making them (and us) feel special!! This has been an incredibly fun process and I've gained so many ideas from all of the other bloggers. I hope to see it happen again next summer.
    Thank you, everyone that was involved!!!


    that cute cherub with zucchini is my fave!

    Urban Gardens

    The cutesy future generation of gardeners! It's never too late for a happy childhood in the garden!

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