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    cityslipper (small kitchen garden)

    Thanks, Susan, for including me in. The explosive interest in gardening is bound to lead to some cool new ideas that none of us have predicted... but your list is already kind of exhausting. Further whets my appetite for seed-starting time here in the northeast.

    Hope you copyrighted your ideas before letting me post - as the proud owner of a Ronco Rotisserie Oven I bought from an infomercial (four easy payments of $39.99) Set It and Forget It Gardening is a hands down winner!


    I think Garden (Horticultural) Tourism is going to become ever-more popular in the coming year. More people tour botanical gardens, visit gardens (like Longwood Gardens), attend plant shows (like the Philly Flower Show) visit parks, and go on garden tours each year (like Garden Walk Buffalo) than visit Disney World and Disneyland––combined––more than 40 million people a year, making it the largest retail sector in tourism. There will be a book out this year by Richard Benfield, coordinator of the tourism program at Central Connecticut State University, titled, "Garden Tourism." Garden Walk Buffalo attracts more than 50,000 visitors from at least 36 states and Canada each year. 24% come from more than 150 miles outside of Buffalo. 65% of visitors include garden-related activities when they travel, with an average of 3.39 garden events attended per person per year. I think you'll see more communities taking stock of their garden-related assets, and promoting them more than in the past.

    Wow, I hope you're right Jim. Although Buffalo seems to be the gold standard in garden walks - I'm not sure most communities could create something quite as spectacular.


    Wonderful Susan!!! Thank you EVER so for the generous mention of that little book I've been working on for the past year! I know we are together in calling the nation to arms - there HAS to be a Front Lawn Revolution!!! I think I'm going to get myself some camo fatigues, a red beret, a bullhorn and lead the charge (you know I always have to get my style on point before I do anything)- I think you should join me. I'll bet you look FANTASTIC in camouflage!

    Not sure about the camouflage, but I DO have a jaunty red beret that flatters me quite delightfully. Thank you for bring the conversation back to where it belongs - it's not about replacing lawns, it's about how chic we look while we're doing it!

    Bill Brikiatis

    I hope you don't mind. I linked to this post as part of my Best of the Blogs garden posts this week. See Suburban Hobby Farmer.

    Thanks for the mention, Bill!


    I see trends in entertaining continuing to take their cues from what we find in our own gardens, edible and floral. Our circle of friends have embraced the idea of a celebration around one vegetable grown in one of our gardens and making it into a party. Very satisfying and creative. It doesn't hurt to have a half dozen professional chefs in that mix of friends.

    Wow! How exactly would a garden blogger go about getting an invitation to one of your shindigs?


    I am thinking a new trend here at home is to spend some time in the garden and move away from the trend of neglecting it. Photos from 2007 reminded me of what I can help to create

    You and me both. Lately I find myself racing around to get the garden ready for events and special visitors, then being so worn out, I neglect the every day gardening in between.

    Alice Joyce

    Happy New Year, Susan!

    May we all have loads of fresh delectable food from our gardens in 2011...
    and learn more about how to GardenUp!
    Needless to say, like Jim, I find garden tourism a trend to watch.

    lostlandscape (James)

    Front garden edibles, maybe? A couple miles from me someone took out his front lawn (yay!) and planted rows and rows of corn. It looked like a farm and not a garden, and I don't think "yay" was the response from the immediate neighbors. Still, it made a statement. Two of my friends are moving into a house with a big patch of lawn out front. They also have visions for an edible front garden in place of the lawn, though in their case I think it'll be an edible paradise, especially if I insert myself into the process as an "adviser." I think you can make statements and still have gorgeous spaces. We'll all need to show people what's possible.

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