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    Love this site! I am learning so much, & it's a joy to read! Thank you! :-)

    lostlandscape (James)

    Great book. I think most of use gardeners are highly visual and would prefer being inspired by pictures instead of words, but this book has the kind of information that might motivate us to take important actions in designing or improving our landscapes.

    There are books I enjoy reading and books that are more of a challenge to get through, but worth the extra effort. This one goes in the second category for me.

    Annie Haven

    Great book for anyone looking to plant or do a garden make over. The information will save time and money via proper plant placement and give stunning eye appeal when finished Annie

    Thanks, Annie! I was glad I got the opportunity to review it.


    Sounds like an enlightening read. I often wonder about whether it's more energy efficient to throw away all my old appliances and buy something more efficient when it takes a lot of energy to manufacture and ship those new appliances . . . how nice that the author addresses the energy that we use at home and the energy that is expended before products even get to us. Such a complex subject would require a complex book to cover it well.

    The author tackles some of those very issues, because there ARE trade-offs. For example, I learned the embedded costs of hardscape are high regardless of the type chosen, and I appreciated that this wasn't sugar-coated, or concrete made out to be the bad guy.

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