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    Congrats on the fulfillment of such a big project! I'm sure that seeing your name as author on a Real Book! is always a thrill :-) I read your article in Fine Gardening last night, very nice.

    It IS a thrill! And I'm glad you enjoyed the article. Have to confess I have just as many "not that's" in my garden as I do "plant thises"


    can't wait to read the vertical gardening
    Thank you, Donna!


    Looks like a great book! I have always wanted a vertical garden, just didn't know how I could go about it.

    Amy, thank you for your kind words. Be sure to come back for the cyber party in March!


    The book seems to be very interesting. I'll probably order me for a spin.

    Town Mouse

    That is just SOOO exciting. Congratulations. It is such hard work to get a book published, I'm very impressed.

    Now I'll have to get a hold of a book, soon as it's out -- but maybe I'll win one. Will you do Limericks? Shall we start thinking about what rhymes with "up"?

    Way to pile on the pressure, Townie! Right now, no, limericks are not in the biz plan. But there WILL be lots of cool giveaways during the Cyber Book Party on March 14th!

    Gardening Girl

    I was hesitant about your new book until I took a peek inside. Great ideas and beautiful photos. I plan to order it soon.

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