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    Awesome! I love all the color in her front border- and that chicken coop is super cute!!!!

    You and Maureen share the same "plants instead of lawn" aesthetic, Carri.

    Nicky @dirtandmartinis

    I can't tell you how much I love your garden! Absolutely gorgeous!

    Thank you Nicky! I was worried my camera wouldn't capture how colorful the front yard is, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.


    I loved the tour of their garden! I'm hoping we'll soon be able to walk around our yard picking things to use in our cooking. I love the chicken coop, that's the one thing I wish we had space for here.

    Last I checked your front yard veggie beds were establishing nicely. You should be wandering around and picking any day now.

    Ivette Soler

    My envious spirit was hovering over you all, wishing I could be in Maureen's lovely garden and laughing over wine with you guys! She and I are such like minds (but her Creasy credibility gives her a big bump over me!) and I just adore her sensibility AND sense of humor! I can just imagine the fun of an afternoon in a garden with the two wittiest gardeners I know! LOVE this post - and I'm glad you enjoyed the simple spring salad - YUM!!!


    We are and drank extra just for you Ivette. :-)

    Plantanista (Maureen D)

    Yay, Susan, thank you so much for sharing our wonderful afternoon. I also appreciate your letting people know that this is a working garden, no styling or garden porn allowed, at least on most days. As I have come to accept an extra chin or two, and still revel in the fun the photo of the two of us portrays, rather than focusing on the "cute factor", I also have come to love the quirks of my real garden in real time.

    Glad you gave a shout out to Annie's Annuals. So many of my plants have now reseeded themselves, and there is the bonus of the mystery nicotianas which just seem to show up in all different colors. I swear I have only intentionally purchased and planted two nicotianas in my garden, and those have long passed, only to be replaced by stunning and fragrant plants that have placed themselves just where they should be, with no help from me, thankyouverymuch.

    And kudos to you and Nick for finding a way to take decent photos in full sun! Thank you so much for sharing my garden, since I can never seem to get into the bloggy mode. MWAH!

    It's easier to take pictures of someone else's garden. Everyone becomes way too picky about their own.


    You are invited any time! I'm slightly frightened about laughing too hard, though! And the salad was such a delight! I usually over do it with too many ingredients, and your simple approach to the early spring lettuces has put me back in touch with what truly tender, fresh romaine really tastes like.

    When you're ready for a field trip, let me know!

    Rebecca Sweet

    What a beautiful garden, Maureen! And you KNOW I'll chime in about the chickens.....probably my favorite breed of all is the Buff Orpington. They're really gentle creatures with gigantic rear-ends, making them super soft and cuddly to tuck in under your arm as you cruise the garden with them! Another favorite are black silkies (small little chickens). I had the sweetest one and I know Angela w/My Rubber Boots absolutely adores hers. Best of luck!!

    Doesn't Angela let hers sleep on the couch? Maureen, your garden is pretty small - it's something to think about...

    Maureen Decombe

    I'm definitely down with the gigantic rear-end chickens! I need "sister" solidarity on that front!

    And gentle is definitely called for. I want to hand raise them like Ros does, another reason for our delay... I'm too swamped to give affection to my husband and dog, and definitely not chickens right now!

    Love, love, love the black silkies! Do they get along with the Orpingtons?

    Michelle Derviss

    Enjoyed the tour. Lovely little vignettes throughout that added zest and spice.
    I just discovered the beauty of Pt. Richmond when visiting the Wave garden a few weeks ago.
    Neat little garden in a cool little town.
    If you're in the Marin hood on May 14 , saturday, come on by the Pina Colada garden in Novato. Its on the Marin Eco Garden Tour from 10 to 4.
    Garden Tour season begins !

    Town Mouse

    What fun! I love visiting gardens if the owners really care. Hey, I even enjoy it without dinner thrown in... thanks for sharing.

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