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    100 and gardening. Go Ruth and her unfolding garden! My simple plan was remove the grass and then ???? As the years go by, slowly a garden emerges.

    Slow is better if you have the patience. Some days I do and other days...


    LOVE it! I see this happening in my back yard when my kids are gone, along with the swingset, pool, and toys!

    Wonderful idea, Cherie!

    Evelyn Hadden

    I love the whole stroll garden idea; I have seen it at work in small city gardens and extensive suburban yards, as well as many public landscapes. This is a beautiful example, and I bet Ruth doesn't miss her lawn. Thanks for the inspiring story and photos!

    Evelyn, I know this is a topic close to your own heart. Visiting this particular garden and seeing how much Ruth is enjoying it is an absolutely wonderful experience for me.

    Rob (OurFrenchGarden)

    Ah to stroll through the garden. This is so much better than the lawn. How's the weather over in your part of the world. We're forecast 39C for Sunday and Monday, they call it a Spanish plume, a big bubble of hot and humid weather drifting up from Spain.

    Beautiful today, around 27C (had to look up the conversion from Fahrenheit but am now feeling delightfully continental) but was scorchingly hot last week and has been windy in the evenings. I'm hosting a dinner party tomorrow night and am really hoping to eat outside, both because it's nicer in the garden and I don't really have to clean the house.


    Continuing to rethink them as we age is a must do activity. No sooner do you think you like it, when it there is some other way to take it to the next level. It is life, just a little difficult on the muscles some days!

    I agree completely - a garden is a journey, not a destination.

    BecKy Leach

    Please tell me what on earth you used to edge the paths! I can't afford steel, and plastic looks horrible. Thanks!

    Sorry to disappoint you Becky, but it's benderboard - plastic composite. It can get a bit worn looking after a few years but still an affordable, flexible choice.


    I love Ruth's garden! Great design! But I really want to know how you solved the gopher problem. the only things I have in my garden is stuff gophers won't eat. It's kind of boring.

    We planted larger plants in gopher cages or hardscape fabric, and interplanted with (supposedly) more gopher-repellent plants like salvias and Euphorbias. It hasn't stopped them, but it's kept them in check. A lot of Ruth's plants along the edges tend to be undersized, I think because the gophers are constantly nibbling at them.


    Love the term plantsman's garden. This is what I will tell myself when I see a new and odd plant at the nursery that I simply must have that looks like none of the are an enabler!...

    Too true! I have another client who always has a bunch of unplanted pots around when I visit. She tries to tell me she's propagating them for a plant sale, but if that's the case, why do some of them have Annie's Annuals tags? :-)

    Susan Harris

    It's wonderful and I learned something - thank you!

    Ivette Soler

    FANTASTIC!!! Ruth must kick ass!
    I love your unifiers - when we deal with intensely eclectic gardens, we need to build a sense of cohesiveness. I have to applaud your tossing off the Bossy Boots Designer cloak - that is SO HARD! You are right, it is more important to honor the beauty of the MEANING of the plants in her garden. SO well done, as always!

    Account Deleted

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    Wow.. what an amazing garden! It looks completely unplanned and sporadic, which i LOVE! thanks for sharing!

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    Great design! I love the whole stroll garden idea. This truly was such a lovely and inspired post. Your pictures always speak volumes and I loved hearing your defined thoughts on what makes a garden special.

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