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    Susan aka Miss R

    Happy Blog Birthday!

    Thanks for the words of encouragement and advice. I am new at blogging and have only a handful of readers. I love the creativity of blogging and finding great blogs like this one.

    Thanks again!!

    Thank you, Delone! It takes patience to build a following, so hang in there!


    Isn't it amazing where blogging can take you, Susan? It may start out as a way of sharing a little personal gardening info, and then--boom!--it leads to real friendships, professional opportunities, and new careers. Is there anyone out there who still underestimates the power of blogging?

    I really love your sense of humor -- on full display in this post as well. It's what drew me to your blog in the first place, but your posts are always smart and savvy as well as witty. Here's to many more years of Blue Planet!

    And, oh my, being called a blogging superstar may go to my head. "Blogging veteran" is more accurate, though less glamorous. Now where did I leave those movie-star sunglasses?

    You SHOULD consider yourself a superstar, not just because your blog is so popular, but because you're so dang prolific! No idea how you mange to blog everyday AND include so many wonderful photos.

    Rob (OurFrenchGarden)

    Happy anniversary.

    July 10, 1778 – Louis XVI declares war on the Kingdom of Great Britain.

    Behind my house here, there are the ruins of an old Napoleonic cannonball factory/forge. They were intended to be fired at the British. Somewhere along the line there was a change in tack and it became a nail factory!


    Rob, when it comes to living in a place with a sense of history, as always, you are the hands down winner. Old around here is a building that dates back to the 1920's :-)

    Loree / danger garden

    Great anniversary post, so true about the friendships and opportunities! I am looking forward to meeting more garden bloggers at the Seattle Fling, wish you were going to be there!

    I'm bummed I'm missing it, too! I put it on my calendar in hopes that I could make it work, but there I had too many competing commitments. Everyone who goes raves about it. Maybe next year...

    Ivette Soler- The Germinatrix

    You KNOW I get all giddy when I'm talked about! I am proud to say that I was bowled over by your wit and charm early on, and have been an ardent fan ever since. And friend! And - let's be honest - STALKER!!!
    Isn't it amazing how time flies, and isn't it wonderful how many doors were opened? And MORE will open, cuz you are DA BOMB! Oh yea, oh yea, Hollaback SUSAN, it's your birthday!

    XOXO your fellow erratic blogger

    Sweet talker! You know you made my day when you said Joe Lamp'l are the only two people you can make the time to stalk. It's funny, I know some people think of blogging as the epitome of a solitary activity, with obsessed, anti-social nerds tapping away at the keyboard in their own individual silos, but that couldn't be further from the truth! Without question one of the most social gigs around. (Although getting together in person for martinis is still better.)


    Congrats, Susan!

    Thanks Adrea! I should also have added yours was also one of the first superstar blogs I came across. I still remember the first post I read on your site where you were giving away a snowblower. I was amazed a blog could sponsor something like that! And I loved that blogging paved the way for your own successful book.

    Rebecca Sweet

    ummm….I think you must've forgot to mention a certain someone who's pretty much the icing on your birthday blogging cake. sigh…I'll wait while you correct your post….

    Rebecca, I link to you so often on my blog that I'm afraid Google will think I"m some kind of obsessed stalker and take away my ranking. But of COURSE you are the icing on the cake!


    Happy blogaversary to my BBFF! I was thinking yesterday about our early blogging days at Blotanical and wondering if the current crop of young uns there were also forming close bonds. When I joined Blotanical I found your blog and thought, "Wow! I love her writing!" and become an avid fan. You've got the winning combo of wit, style, great design ideas, plus you're helping green up the planet. Congratulations on the blog and the road it started for you! And who's that Rebecca person who keeps posting here?

    Wow! Thank you, DP. Can you believe how far we've come? You in particular, but I won't give away any of your secrets here on my blog. And don't worry about that Rebecca person - all us successful bloggers wind up with an obsessed fan or two. :-)


    Typos R Us.


    Susan Harris

    And despite not following Maureen's advice (with your infrequent but long posts) you've had a BIG IMPACT on us all. Great work!
    Now how about coming to a blogger fling sometime, huh? We'll miss you this month in Seattle!

    I was THIS close to going to Seattle, but a family wedding got in the way. I'm particularly disappointed, as I was thrilled at the idea of a garden get-together that didn't involve an early morning time change. Looking forward to hearing the details and seeing everyone's pictures.

    Susan, great post! It was fun to read about how it all started. I too find it amazing and exciting to explore this online world and make new friends even if we might never meet in person. And I say the more years you blog, the less it matters if you miss a few months here and there. Keep writing! -Evelyn

    Thank you Evelyn! Now that I have permission to miss a month at a time, I will no longer feel guilty when I go two or three weeks without a post.

    sheila schultz

    Oh Susan... you are a delight. I look forward to your posts because they
    make me grin from ear to ear. Thank you for bringing me into your world. I not only learn from your words, but your enthusiasm.

    Susan, Thank you for beginning the blog that led to Twitter and to your huge impact on my and so many others' lives. Congratulations, happy blog birthday, and a big hug (I couldn't resist). Lynn

    lostlandscape (James)

    Happy third, Susan! Glad you're here with us. You might not blog every day, and I might not visit as many bloggers as frequently as I should, but I'm always glad I paid you a visit. And thanks so much for the mention and the kind words! I think bloggers are appreciated way more than comments would lead us to believe, but it's so terrific to get some confirmation every now and then!

    You'd think after three years I would have outgrown my addiction to comments, but not so! Thanks as always for dropping by.

    Plantanista (Maureen D)

    Oh, the irony that you have no blog to link to when you say I was your early "enabler"! Though I have no blog, I do think it was good advice, and here you are, three years later, when the only advice I can now give is, "be careful what you wish for, you just might get it". Yet I can think of no one more capable and prepared to handle the many wonderful opportunities that have come your way (and are still on the horizon) as a result of sharing your delightful voice with a larger audience.

    What shines through is your appreciation of the friendships and connections, which really is the important part! And oh, forgive me for being so late to post, but as the resident thread killer, I thought I'd wait until everyone else had weighed-in. ;—)

    Heehee! You're like my fairy godmother.

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