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    How did I miss your post until now? I have paperwhite bulbs that just bloomed for me and they are now at that tall stalky phase. I wish I'd known before they got to this point. I wonder if I try a little vodka right now what will happen. I just happen to have some on hand:) But it's not the really expensive kind, so I won't worry about using it:)
    I'll let you know if it stunts their continued growth or not!!

    Susan (garden-chick)

    Hi Jan,
    I actually heard this idea last year after mine were planted and tried the same strategy of adding vodka after the fact - sort of like a morning after hair of the dog idea, but without the original drinking binge! Was not very successful, but was also not very careful. Let me know how your attempt goes. Susan

    Kylee from Our Little Acre

    I'd heard about this a couple of years ago, and would love to try it, but alas, my dear husband can't STAND the smell of paper whites and has forbidden me to grow them. it's such a small request, so I honor it. But I do love those paper whites!

    That's how I'm starting to feel about my brugmansia. It's been covered in blooms for the past several months now that I've cut down a tree and it's getting more sun, but unfortunately, all that concentrated scent smells like dishwashing detergent to me. The other day Nick was cooking something I didn't care for the smell of, so I opened the back door and leaned out, only to be hit with a noseful of brug. But I DO like paperwhites!

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