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    rebecca sweet

    I'm stealing your 'hiding the chocolate pudding in the fortress of broccoli' phrase, just so you know. Too funny! I didn't know that irrigation decreases a native plant's stinkiness, either. Great tips and great photos, Susan!

    Robert Webber

    I too didn't know about reducing irrigation, but it is quite logical now I think about it!
    And as for Ceanothus, they grow like the clappers here so I am glad I now know how California isn't swallowed up!
    Fascinating post.


    You get the award for the funniest deer photo of the day, that look is priceless. I like your idea of fencing in part of the yard. It seems like a reasonable compromise and a good way to have your chocolate pudding and eat it too!

    Jocelyn/the art garden

    What Rebecca said! Seriously, the note about your contract brings home the constant need to remind homeowners that there are no absolutes when working with the natural environment.

    Jan @TWOwomenANDaHOE

    Great post, Susan! Thanks!

    May all your gardens grow,


    I think fencing part of the yard and sharing the rest with the deer is a good compromise. For me the back is my deer-proof playground, thanks to a good fence. In the front I have a smaller plant palette to play with, but it's still pretty darn good. We have lots of stinky and fuzzy plants here in Austin.

    Clint Rowley

    I know what you mean. When we lived in Northern California we had dear in our yard just about every morning it seemed. Part of me always just wanted to watch them, and of course the other part was annoyed for the garden's sake.

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