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    rebecca sweet

    The timing of this review couldn't be better,Susan! In a few hours I'm meeting with a new client to talk about the possibility of removing their front lawn. I will absolutely recommend this book!

    Evelyn Hadden

    Susan, I am so pleased that you enjoyed the book and thought it was worthwhile. Thank you for taking the time to read and review it.

    Also, I like that you linked back to your design of Ruth's stroll garden! It was fun to revisit that post, and I hope you'll let us see what the garden looks like after a few more growing seasons.


    Like Evelyn, I enjoyed going back and re-reading your post about Ruth's stroll garden. It's inspirational, and I am certain that Evelyn's book will likewise prove inspirational to people everywhere. As you said, she's a lovely writer, and Saxon's photos are always stunning.

    By the way, speaking of books like this not existing 5 years ago, check out Front Yard Gardens: Growing More Than Grass by Liz Primeau (2003), which inspired me years ago to rip out all the grass in my former front-yard garden. It mostly features Canadian gardens, but the design ideas are universal.


    Susan, You're so right when you say there's something for everyone in Evelyn's book. It should be a great source of inspiration for anyone who wants to shrink their lawn but doesn't neccessarily want a meadow (the typical answer when the question comes up). I love seeing what others are doing and then taking that insght and making it work in my own garden.

    Carole Sevilla Brown

    I was so thrilled to receive Evelyn's book so I could participate in the Anti-Valentine Lawn project. You're so right Susan, that this book has something for everyone. It's just chock full of amazing ideas to replace lawns with beautiful meadows, rain gardens, ponds and so much more. I have so many ideas for things I'd like to add to my garden now (if only I had some more space).


    Wonderful review Susan thank you I look forward to sharing you post with those that follow me.

    stop ringing in ears

    The time of this evaluation couldn't be better,Susan! In a few time I'm conference with a new customer to discuss the opportunity of eliminating their front side garden. I will definitely suggest this book!


    No lawns are so up my street, I've always wanted to explore more ideas and this looks perfect. I'm gonna have to look up this book, thanks!

    Steam Shower Kits

    We got rid of the front lawn and had it all landscaped.

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