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    Andrew Keys

    Truly amazing. I really hope I get to visit next time I'm there.

    You are welcome anytime! I have a membership and love to take visitors.

    Loree/danger garden

    Right down the street from you? How lucky you are!

    How did I know this garden would speak to your succulent-loving heart?


    A beautiful tribute, Susan, and a story that inspires. Off to buy some native plants...then back into the garden...

    Sounds like a great day to me.

    Fern @ Life on the Balcony

    I'm so used to hyperfocusing on succulents in container settings, it's neat and nice to see them in larger gardens.

    Some of the agaves and cacti are huge! Plus, it's a nice opportunity to see succulent paired with a range of other dry plants.

    Desert Dweller / David C.

    Thanks for showing the one place I was sure I would visit my recent trip there...missed! I had no idea Ruth B. was still alive, let alone 104 years old.

    What an inspiring place and person! Some of us are carrying on her paradigm - decades later - the work that goes against the sometimes garden thought, circa 1880 northeastern estate.

    She gets overlooked by garden history chroniclers, but I think she has her place. And even if you missed out on RBG, seems to me you managed to squeeze in a LOT of garden activities while you were here!

    rebecca sweet

    "Truly, you are never too old to follow your passion and make your mark on this world." - Amen, Sista!

    I have YOU to thank for introducing me to this beautiful garden and am thinking I need to pay another visit soon. Maybe around lunchtime? Maybe when Nick's home and feels like cooking????

    Good to know you have your priorities in order. :-)
    And thanks for sharing some of your pictures!

    Sheila Schultz

    Susan... Thank you. Your post touches my heart and the plants that I have become most passionate about. Ruth is a remarkable woman to understand such beauty way before succulents were popular.

    Thank you, Sheila!


    Ruth sounds like an amazing woman and her garden is simply beautiful. How wonderful to learn about someone who discovered and followed her passion and then shared it with some many others.

    I hope you can make it out here to visit one day!


    Inspiring story! Lucky you to live so close to this amazing, pioneering garden.

    Hope you can visit one day, Pam.


    Looks so beautiful and I hope to visit sometime soon. And with any luck we will both be in our gardens at 100!

    I'm counting on it!


    Lovely post. I am about to start a new garden in what I like to call my golden year. Occasionally I wonder if I am being unrealistic as I have another major project in the works. Thanks for the inspiration.
    P.S. Is it me or are there a lot of Susans in garden world?

    There are a lot of Susans EVERYWHERE. I think it was a top ten baby name for something like 20 years. But these days we've been surpassed by the Brittneys and the Ashleys.
    Thanks for stoppping by!

    Robert Webber

    Hey that is stunning.
    Loved your personal link with the garden and have high hopes for your plans for your 100th!

    Landscape Architect Sydney

    The description and photographs provided in the blogs are really awesome. I really liked the theme and design of the garden very much. Its an amazing creativity.

    Katy Eagles

    You're right about that. No one is too old to follow his/her passion. And these garden really showed Ruth's passion in gardening. It's amazing that she had pulled this off, even though she started doing this at 60 years old. May she served as an inspiration for us. Good in giving her recognition!

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