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    I grew Black Krims last year and I can tell you they were pretty amazing.

    Black Krim will be a new one for me. Can't wait to taste them!

    Hope your garden is doing well!


    Silvery fir is one funky name for a tomato. Been a long time. How are you?

    Thanks for dropping by, old friend. I'm doing great! Designing, writing, and of course, hanging out and wasting time online. :-) Hope you are also doing well!

    So many tomatoes to love

    This is one of the best sites that I have seen talking about tomatoes and the history of them.


    I've never come across the Black Krim tomato before! Are they as interesting as they sound?

    I am certainly hoping so! This will be my first time to try them.

    Town Mouse

    I'm impressed you manage growing tomatoes in containers. I tried a few years ago and, after much fussing with extra watering, fertilizer, and caging got about 3 small tomatoes. I replaced them with succulents and I've happily gone back to farmer's market tomatoes.

    Christina Salwitz

    Naturally, you KNOW that gorgeous container caught my attention. :-)


    The first thing that you must do is to start growing tomato seeds in your house indoors before replanting them into your garden. For instance, you can plan eight weeks before an anticipated frost and move them outside towards the end of April. Some garden experts suggest using heat mat that will help seeds to remain sufficiently warm.heirloom tomato plants
    thanks this article

    Best Weed Trimmer

    This is very innovative. I live in the middle of the city where everything is concrete. But I have a passion in growing a garden because I grew up in a farm. Thanks for sharing this "portable" tomato plant.

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