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    Thank you so much for this lovely nosegay of words, Susan!
    YOU are to be thanked for "getting" this idea when we first met and then making the effort to personally support this project by introducing me to Baylor Chapman of Lila B. Flowers. We're so thrilled that we could include her and her work in the pages of this book. Many thanks for sharing! that's the community to which you refer (as in: It takes a VILLAGE to get a book published these days, dontcha know!?)


    Goodness! Honored to be included in The 50 Mile Bouquet and for the introduction to the fabulous Debra and your continued support Susan. You're book Garden Up! a huge inspiration to me.


    Grass: What zone are you in? What kind of soil do you have? What kind of grass do you have? When was the last time it was fertilized? Do you have a spkrniler system? These factors determine the amount of water and frequency. Garden: Is it overgrown with weeds? When was the last time it was fertilized? What kind of plants do you have? Again, your zone determines how often you water. GaryPSLC Master Gardener

    Paul Orange

    Sounds like a great book - thanks for the review. It's good it doesn't lecture about sustainability - but I suppose more so makes us fall in love again with the beauty of old-fashioned, seasonal blooms and the sense of community this brings.

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