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    Mary Gray

    Thank you for these excellent tips -- I especially like your suggestions for paths and mirrors, and the idea of having "hidden treasures" in a garden. As much as I love a clean, modern design, my preference for a garden that can be "explored" will always win out.

    Desert Dweller / David C.

    With a small garden past and present, I've used some of your tricks. Indirect paths and hidden elements do help...I think my latter include unusual rocks I picked up on nearby hikes! But the purple wall and the mirrors...I like that the most...hmmm.

    Jocelyn/the art garden

    Susan, you've got a great set of design tips here! I'm a big fan of the pathways model - the idea of "more to explore" psychologically enlarges ANY garden. Thanks!

    rebecca sweet

    Love the video, Susan - especially the exhausted squirrel. I've been to your garden several times and can honestly say it's the most beautiful 50 Foot Garden I've ever seen!

    Robert Webber

    Yep, so much can be achieved in a small space and you've given us some of your tricks to do that for free. How generous is that. Love it!

    Andrew Keys

    Yes yes yes re: "bury your treasure"! I'm a BIG believer of tucking little vignettes into any little spot that might otherwise seem ho hum. I find myself doing that a lot in the spaces left over behind larger foundation-type shrubs and such where a path meets a doorway or gate, because when you stand back and look at the door/gate, you get the front-facing vignette, but you see the "secret" vignettes when you're AT the door and look left or right.

    Anywho, love the side yard thing too! Lots of lessons to learn for urban gardeners there.

    Deborah Silver

    Susan, any small garden space intrigues me. In close quarters, all of the breathing is a musical score which appeals to me. Your garden has rhythm. Percussion. Base. The unexpected. And your voice, directing. So beautiful! Thanks for posting about it such thoughtful detail. Deborah


    Susan, You've shared some great tips. I love the idea of the starfish, what a wonderful surprise for the observant visitor.

    Christina Salwitz

    I love these ideas Susan. I am taking every one of them for my new little box of a back yard garden!


    You're like a magician with tricks up her sleeve in this post, Susan. Great tips for making the most of a small garden. I especially like the path advice and the fool-the-eye mirror-windows.

    Paul Orange

    Thanks for your tips on making your garden seem bigger - It's difficult when you have a smaller space to get everything you want in there and including the necessities too - such as a lawnmower, washing line, table and chairs, it soon starts to look cluttered!


    Thanks for an excellent overview and some great ideas. One of the things that definitely adds interest to a garden of any size is water, whether that be a pond, fountain or other water feature. The gentle sound of water coming from a hidden spot in your garden would be wonderful.

    Kathy Lovitt

    Wonderful photos, I wish my tiny space looked like these great photos. I did feature Stepables on my blog, I love anything rather then lawn that will take foot traffic. I have a corner by my front garden that I am going to use some of your tricks. Kathy

    Landscape Design Ideas

    Love tip number 4. Tucking away "treasure". A small garden does give one the feeling you've seen everything in one sweep. Partly covering a statement piece is a pleasant surprise when discovered.

    Shirley Bovshow,"EdenMaker"

    Beautiful details and that magenta wall is to die for! Happy to see you enjoying your design talent at home.

    The Enduring Gardener

    Some nice garden design tips here - love the 'hideen treasure'.


    Thanks for this excellent tips. Many of us wanted to have a garden but we don't know what to do because we have a limited space.

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