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    Arizona Landscape Design

    This place is gorgeous..! Everyone wishes they had beautiful landscape like this....


    Beautiful share Susan I am so happy to see that they are feeding their gardens naturally now just need to move them from compost tea to manure tea for optimal plant growth Naturally

    rebecca sweet

    One of the prettiest roses I've ever seen was the Butterfly Rose, blooming its little head off totally neglected in the hot, hot Auburn hills. Thanks for the tour, Susan!!


    There should be 50 days in April so that we can see all the arboretums at their best. The mallow looks like our channel island native, Lavatera assurgentiflora. Its the perfect 8-10' plant for our area. Thanks for the tour Susan.

    Simon Smith

    Such stunning photos - I am already planning my trip for next April!

    Landscape Contractor

    Such beautiful captures of nature! The blooms are so vivid in color. Love that duck behind the leaves!

    Reed Pugh

    I am almost sad that you now bring back to memory so many of these special plants. We have wonderful choices here, both native and introduced, but your Ceonothus and Fremontodendron image is crazy. Anigozanthus and Grevillea, Oh my... I remember killing my first Grevillea before I knew they don't like phosphorus in their food. Who knew, never been to Australia, but I never made that mistake again with those foreigners.

    Thank you.


    We don't plant until memorial day weenekd where I am .but I've started some seeds indoors and they are doing well. The sugar snap peas are begging to be put in the ground so I plan to do that a little early as they do like the cooler weather. Your garden looks wonderful. So full and healthy looking. I am going to be using a lot of pots this year too .just strewn here or there wherever they can find good sunlight.Chickens! I am raising 4 sweet baby chicks right now. So much fun. Good luck and happy harvesting!Kris

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