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    boZannical Zann

    So desirous of this book! I have internal diatribe about this subject all the time, really. My biggie is: for California, why plant Cotoneaster when you can plant Toyon (Heteromeles)? Same basic look without being invasive, after all.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


    The book sounds great!

    Desert Dweller / David C.

    His book sounds right up my alley, since I've started (not finished) so many alt plant lists! The live oak thought - great. Barberry - even better!

    You once a manicurist, in quiet're so cool!


    This book sounds perfect for me - will have to pick up if I don't win it! ;)


    One thing I love about gardening is there's always room to learn more. What a genius idea for a book!

    Bobbie Schmidt

    Perfect subject matter for my garden. Need a big-time update for my back yard and this would be a big help.


    We're still landscaping our new yard, and I love the idea of updated plants as opposed to all that's old hat!


    This book sounds like a must for a gardener or a designer.


    Thanks for the chance to win a fun book. I'm just starting out in this gardening/landscaping adventure and this looks like a must have book!


    This sounds like a great book, one that I not only need, but would use a lot. Thanks for the chance


    Would love it if I won this book.

    Alan @ it's not work, it's gardening!

    I'm looking forward to reading this! Will it change my tendency toward "problem" plants? I wonder...

    Diane C

    Looks amazing!

    Pam Dale

    I am so thankful to folks who are willing to share their passion, so we all can discover the delights. Thanks for giving us all the insight and a chance to win.


    Yes, please enter me to win - i could use this book. And thanks for the interview with the author.


    I want this book - I need more ideas to fuel my agonizing indecision in the garden. I mean that!

    Cindy Davison

    I'm shouting with glee to get my paws on this one! Sounds delectable!

    Jan Walton

    That would be a great book for me! I spend too much time trying to nurture sick plants that don't like their environment.

    Laura C

    Thankful for the chance to win a copy! I tried columbines which were supposed to work here, but they sure weren't happy.


    Thank you so much for the book, Susan. I know I will enjoy reading it and gleaning ideas, especially for the front yard where the installation of new steps meant plants were uprooted. The book will be a great help in chosing replacements, I'm sure. Thank you again .... :-) from Bobbie who's still surprised at winning.


    I would like to win that book but the deadline is gone ;-) Right now I'm pretty happy with all of the plants in my garden. However I am always looking for new plants to grow-whether they are herbs or fruit bearing trees.

    I don't do so well with things like cabbage, because of the temperature where I am, and have adapted by growing something that is still a leafy green vegetable but thrives at higher temperatures.

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