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    Bought it, love it, can't wait to use it. thank you!


    The Creative Cycle applied to gardening ?! Brilliant; may you have a best seller... Congrats


    I will head over to Amazon to take a look, but I already love the concept.

    Jenny Nybro Peterson

    Susan, what an awesome idea! Leave it to you to do something this cool. Congratulations!


    Love the premise of this book. I am one of the few that has replaced my lawn in my city (Foster City, California) with some sort of vibrancy. However, I think adding feng shui principles would really help enhance it. I look forward to this book!:-)

    Laurianne Mathews

    I would so love to have this book. I will have a new home before the New Year and this would be a fabulous directive to enhance a new place and space for positive energy.


    What a fantastic sounding book! This would be the perfect Xmas present for my gardening buddy.

    Loree/danger garden

    Great concept for a book! I'm curious...and of course would love to win!


    Congratulations on writing your new ebook, Susan, and what an interesting topic -- yes, very California! I don't have an e-reader though (we're techie dinosaurs sometimes), so if my name is drawn, please pass it along to someone else.

    Darla Miller

    Tried to comment on FB but can't find a place to do it! I loved the Garden Up book we bought from you and can't wait to see this one - GREAT tips on your 'boring yard'!!!! Wish you could come to my yard and give it some zing! :)
    Darla Miller

    Laurin Lindsey

    Thank you for the great article. I love the way you use plants. I love the concepts behind Feng Shui and do consider it when designing. You have given me some great ideas to take it farther. Like life gardens should have harmony and balance!

    sensible gardening

    I've been interested in Feng Shui for quite awhile, you've inspired me to get active.

    Sheila Schultz

    Love the idea and such perfect timing! I'm sending an e-mail to Santa reminding him that it is the perfect stocking stuffer for gardeners around the world!

    Debra Lee Baldwin

    I used to think Feng Shui was a lot of woo-woo, but I now realize it encapsulates and clarifies a lot of fundamental design principles. I definitely want your book, Susan, whether I win it or not (but I hope I do)!

    Judy Tillson

    I would love a copy of this book, am in the process of planting my "new" backyard, succulents and water-wise plants. This would help with the designing.


    I love everything about this book, Susan! Congratulations.

    Anne Larson

    A great concept and looks like a very interesting book--I'm going to have to check it out!


    This really rang a bell with me… yay! Can't wait to put it to the test!


    This may be just the help I need in my garden~

    Jane Kelly

    Fantastic! I love that it's an ebook, even I, away over here in Aus. can get myself a copy in time to gift myself for Christmas:)

    Deborah Robertson

    I could sure use this book- I have 3 acres & a pond which I am landscaping as a natural Wildscape. Debbie Robertson

    Robin Horton

    Love it and love that you delved into this subject! Who doesn't need this? I certainly do!


    looking forward to checking this out... thanks for the chance...

    Sheila Schultz

    Wow, this is certainly my lucky day... I should have bought a lottery ticket 12/7! Thanks Susan, enjoy your Holidays.

    What? Are you saying that winning the lottery would be more exciting than winning an eBook? :-)

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