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    Carol Yemola

    This sounds like such a great opportunity for one lucky person! Would love to get a few ideas for several areas of my garden.

    Kris Peterson

    I bought the book, although I have yet to try the black and white photo idea. I think the virtual book party is a great idea and I plan to mention it to my gardening friends.


    That's really interesting how draining color can be so illuminating re: form. I have to try this in my own space. Hoping to get lucky in the giveaway!

    Melissa H

    I just bought the book. It is beautiful and looks like it is full of great information.


    Susan, I found your blog through the other sites hosting this party, so of course I'd love to win this book! I could certainly use some inspiration for revamping my garden--personal suggestions from Rebecca would be even more awesome! I'm adding this book to my wish list for winter reading, for sure.

    Holly Chaille

    The party idea has introduced me to many new blogs! Thanks very much!

    c crow

    I really learn a lot from Rebecca's blog, so I am looking forward to reading this book!

    Jennifer B

    Oh, this is the book I need!


    By you joining the others with this "garden party" I feel like I already won by finding out about you. Winning the book would just be an added bonus.


    Hi, I am not sure if commenting here enters me for the prize, or if I have to also submit pictures at this time, could you please clarify? This is a great prize that I would love to win! I am in transition in my garden; for the past couple of years, I’ve been removing hold-over invasives from a previous owner (I’ve had the house 12 years so it’s about time!) In the short term, I’ve covered the overrun bed with cardboard, newspaper, and mulch, and placed my veggie-growing Earthboxes in the area. I have an urban yard, so I don’t have a ton of space (and even less full sun!)so I’ll be looking for good ideas to replant these areas once I’ve finally filled the CREEPING BUTTERCUP (UGH!) for good. Cross your fingers for me!

    Hi Melissa,
    To clarify, you do not have to send any pictures. The winner will be chosen randomly, and at that point will send photos to Rebecca. Good luck!

    Pamela Graham

    Oh my ..... keeping my gardens crossed with fingers and dirt!! I need this book! Thanks for the opportunity! Pamie G.


    Awesome prize - now to decide which area I want help with the most - lol. Rebecca Sweet's book is just what I need, since the garden isn't looking like I want it to.


    A virtual makeover?? I'm starting from scratch and have a blank canvas to make come alive. Its not completely blank as the wonderful plants I've attainedthis year are just waiting to find their perfect spot. This is my first attempt at gardening, and although I need LOTS of landscaping ideas, my plants have been such a pleasure & very therapeutic to me...I talk & interact with each & everyone of them everyday. I owe SO much to Dee at Deez Treez for sharing her knowledge and making me believe I could do this!!


    I would love this book for my sister.


    I love Rebecca's blog and really enjoyed visiting her garden this summer during the Fling. I'd be thrilled to get her feedback on a few problem spots in my garden.

    Debbie S

    Awesome give-a-way! My book arrives today, and I could use some help re-doing my front yard.


    What a wonderful opportunity to have Rebecca's advice on refreshing your garden. It looks like we'll all have a chance to get some great inspiration from Rebecca's book as we do some planning for next year's garden over the winter ahead.

    Shelley Michel

    Oh my - better than a "Garden Fairy"! I look forward to being more-than-just-inspired by reading the book!


    Would love to win! What a great opportunity. Enjoyed meeting Rebecca recently at a San Diego event.

    Melody McMahon

    Such a fun and informative way to link gardeners! Thanks for hosting a virtual book party!

    Vicki @ Playin' Outside

    I and my garden SO need this. Rebecca's amazing garden is an inspiration but I still have no idea how to incorporate any sense of design in my own garden - er, mishmash.


    Would love a consultation and Rebecca's new book looks wonderful.


    I really need to use more color in my garden, with winter setting in what a super time to curl up with a good garden book!


    Been gardening for 30+ years and I love the I concept of this book! Advice every gardener can use!


    Wow! I would love this. Just what I need.

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